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"Preparing Your Home for a Quick Sale"

What Can You Do to Get Your Home Ready for a Quick Sale?

Are you ready to sell your home? Do you have some concerns on how to prepare your home to sell it for what it’s worth? Don’t worry! Our group has developed some realistic ways to help you prepare your home for quick sale! Preparation is key to ensuring your home is presented for what it’s worth. This will also increase the likelihood of receiving acceptable offers once you list your...

Luxury Waterfront Homes - Serenity at Its Finest

Market Analysis: New To Lakeland? Check This Out

LOCATION Lakeland FL is centrally located in what is a growing hotspot in the state of Florida. Nestled right between Tampa and Orlando Florida, Lakeland is conveniently located along the I-4 corridor, giving you access to the best of both worlds – Rural meets urban. Lakeland FL is nestled in-between Tampa and Orlando POPULATION + PEOPLE With a  current...

How long does it take to close on a home?

How Long Does it Take to Close?

Closing on a home is such an exciting step to the home buying process! You are ready for everything to be complete and to move into your new home. So, how long does the closing process actually take? There is no specific answer for how long it takes to close on the home you are purchasing. Each contract is different based on the specifications and processes that you have to go through. The average time...

Will you be at every showing

Will You Be At Every Showing?

If your listing agent is doing their job properly, the marketing materials created for the listing will properly highlight and explain the unique characteristics and selling features for prospective buyers.

Identifying the Right Buyer for Your Home

How Do You Know Who Is the Right Buyer for Your Home?

Once your home is on the market and the offers start coming in it can be both exciting and overwhelming. All your hard work has paid off and now it’s time to move forward. How do you know the right buyer to choose? We are here to help! We have great advice and have found some helpful tips to consider while choosing the right buyer for your home. If price were the only thing to consider, selling...

"Negative Impact of Lower Commissions on Home Selling"

How Lower Commissions Can Negatively Affect Selling Your Home

Whether you are selling your first home, or you have sold multiple homes, chances are you have experienced numerous listing appointments with realtors competing to sell your home. Each realtor has their personal systems and processes, and some have brokerages that empower them with the latest technologies. Toward the closing of their presentation, each agent will share their commission structure and how...

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